Case Stories

We Bring Years of Professional Experience to the Classroom

In our experience, it is the deep interest and passion of the teacher that brings a subject to life.  Even if the student/participant is predisposed to want to learn, if the teacher isn’t a life-long learner in his/her own disciplines, the magic “learning moments” won’t happen.  This means designing for an integration of thinking, feeling, and activity in every experience that students will have in their learning experience.  Self-organizing vitality and health emerge in learning opportunities that hold those characteristics at their center.

It is our commitment at the Center for Systemic Leadership to only provide courses and workshops led by top-flight, experienced and dynamic people.  All of us have a passion for bringing clarity to thought and bringing the tools that we know will enable effective social change.  It is our raison d’être.

The teachers/leaders/instructors/coaches that we hire meet our rigorous criteria, and all are involved in on-going consulting and professional development in various fields.  We expect a great deal of our students, and provide them with the support and are met with high levels of enthusiasm and commitment to the work, and to each other and our learning community.

For the courses and workshops, there will be pre-reading and/or video reviews for participants to use to build their inner preparation for the work ahead.  There will be ongoing and follow-up reading, videos, and experiences that will support the