Bruce McKenzie / Associate Director

What inspires me about this work?
I find satisfaction as I witness how bright, capable but frustrated people quickly grasp the implications of Systemics. They find within themselves, and with each other, the imaginative and pragmatic keys to open up ventures that align with their values and intentions. That break-through inspires me.
Bruce is a pioneer specializing in applied systemic thinking for turbulent issues in global corporations, governments, and rural communities.

As one of the world’s most experienced scenario-planning practitioners, he developed a critical systems approach to leadership development, strategic risk management and innovation in complex work environments.His work is recognized by corporate, government and community sectors globally, for successfully building organizational capacity to generate innovative, sustainable strategies.

Bruce is responsible for company strategy and works directly with clients to coach leaders, provide professional development, and help them to ascertain how systemic methods and software can help them improve their strategies and performance.

Before founding Future Insight Maps with Jane Lorand, Bruce built an accomplished career as a consultant, educator and entrepreneur.

As Director of the Systemic Development Institute (SDI) and later Systemic Development Associates, he worked through partnership and consulting arrangements with programs like the EU, the Open University, and Leaders without Borders, leading Dairy Australia’s 2009 Futuring Initiative in an industry-wide 18-month program to improve their adaptation to Climate Change.

Bruce has assisted over 700 organizations in the financial services, technology, transportation, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, mining,beverage and textile industries, as well as government departments and coordinating agencies, with exploring plausible futures, testing strategies and improving their performance into the future.

Systemic methods have been implemented in Australia at Pacific Power, Australian Tax Office, Maxxium, Westpac Banking Corporation and their Innovation Unit, Telstra and internationally in APM in Thailand, Open University in the UK, and by the European Commission in Belgium.

Bruce holds a teaching qualification from the University of Melbourne, a Post-Graduate Diploma in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of New England, and a Masters Degree in Systemic Development from the University of Western Sydney. He is also an accredited “Cognitive Edge” practitioner. He has contributed to graduate programs at Akershus University College in Norway,  was involved in building Masters programs in business and systemics at University of Liverpool’s School of Management and Open University in the UK as well as Dominican University of California’s GreenMBA and Macquarie’s Graduate School of Management (Executive Leadership Program).

He is the author of hundreds of juried papers on changes in the structure, environment, communication behavior, leadership and lifestyle of businesses and communities and has been a member and officer on a number of peak community and government organizations, including four years as President of the Australian Council of Social Services.