Leslie Loy / Assistant Director

What inspires me about this work?

I am elated time and again when I see people recognize that they actually do have something valuable to contribute. So often, focused on their work and intent on meeting deadlines, they lose sight of the immense knowledge that they each have to offer. Unlocking this through systemic processes and empowering people to speak their dreams, their thoughts, and their worries is relieving and uplifting. I’ve done this work with groups of all ages across multiple spectrums of focus and never cease to feel honored to witness people stepping into their full expression in their work.

Leslie has worked in the non-profit sector for over ten years, focusing on integrating youth and social technologies to impact social renewal. Her work with youth began in her teens when she become a youth advocate and representative on numerous community-wide groups and facilitated a peer-led, self-organized regional publication. She has been active in giving voice to youth social activists and providing diverse forums for them to engage in, both on and off-line. She was a founder and later Director of WeStrive.org, an alternative social networking platform, a Community Facilitator for the Anthroposophical Youth Section in North America, she lived and worked in a Camphill community supporting young adults with special needs and abilities, and a volunteer coordinator for college students to become actively involved in addressing complex issues within their own communities.

Leslie has applied systemic principles in the classroom with young adults, and has co-developed a sustainable agriculture curriculum for high school students, taught courses related to homelessness and housing and has facilitated workshops about community development around the world.

A graduate of Reed College, and a certified Waldorf educator, Leslie is passionate about infusing life-long learning into her work. She is especially interested in reinvigorating local communities and transforming the global community through collective, shared intelligence. She currently serves on the board of WeStrive.org and Knoweded.