Collaborative Facilitation

The Center for Systemic Leadership provides systemic facilitation for organizations and events, both at Rudolf Steiner College and on-site.

Our methods are systemic and are appropriate for complex issues. They are based on the systemic principles that we teach in order to release the embedded knowledge and experience of the members of the group.

We will meet with those decision-makers who seek support in managing the complex issues facing their organization.  We can do half-day workshops or 2-day intensives that build into concrete planning for improvement.  Feel free to connect with us to explore your specific needs.  Fees are negotiated, and a non-profit fee structure is available.

Working with Waldorf Schools and Charter Schools

The information above also pertains to Waldorf Schools, Charter Schools, and Anthroposophical Organizations.

We carefully develop a picture of your school/organization and guide you to be sure that all relevant perspectives are represented at your in-service or retreat. Prior to our workshop, we will review what kinds of complex issues are chronically appearing in the group.

We are familiar with the dynamics within a Waldorf community.  Our workshops remain on task, while also being warm, engaging and effective.

Our facilitation services are excellent in identifying strategic plans and priorities, getting feedback on programs or addressing complexities that are unique to your school and the personalities involved. The methodologies we bring can be used by your in-house team in new ways that can be practiced again and again.

We also have a Virtual-ThinkTank program that enables you to explore ideas using technology, with your parents, teachers, and community.

To find out more about the cost of an in-service and to discuss your unique needs, please contact us at 916-864-4858 or

Opening New Doors in Corporate and Non-profit Organizations

Whether you work in a corporation or a non-profit organization, systemic methods will change how you work together as individuals in a group. All organizations get into particular habits about how to address needs and issues—and often well-intentioned people become burned out, disenchanted or cynical.

Different forms of leadership are needed, depending on the nature of the issue. We enable decision-makers to become more discerning. Routine or Complicated Issues do not need systemic methods, just like a hammer is not the right tool to change the battery on your watch.  Systemic methods are for complex issues, where there are many variables, the variables are constantly changing and the relationship among the variables is changing….and we don’t know causation in the present.  We have, at best, retrospective coherence and can see on Monday morning what we couldn’t see on Sunday.

If your organization and decision-makers are under pressure from complex issues, we can help.

To find out more about the cost of our facilitation services and to discuss your unique needs, please contact us at 916-864-4858 or

Helping Civil Society Walk its Talk

We recognize the incredible service that civil society groups provide for our communities and are eager to support them in their work. We’ve found that our methods—quick, effective, horizontal, imaginative—are truly exciting for people who are committed to doing good in the world. Tell us more about what you are doing, why you are doing it and what issues you want to explore further.

Our Virtual-ThinkTank program is also available for civil society work.

Contact us at 916-864-4858 or

Lectures and Presentations

We also offer lectures and presentations. If you are hosting a conference and are looking for a speaker, or a workshop leader, and would be interested in having one of us present, please contact us. Past lectures have included: Transformational Leadership, Becoming a Thinking Community, and more.