Industry-wide Renewal

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Industry-Wide Renewal

When the Dairy Industry in Australia was questioning whether their current strategies for dealing with the community’s perception of Climate Change (and the possible introduction of a Carbon Tax by the Federal Government), there was considerable confusion about how to make the assessment. With a significant divergence of opinion and knowledge across many sector interests there wasno possible agreement about what constituted a resilient set of strategies.

Dairy Australia decided to use the systemic WindTunneling software developed by Future Insight Maps Inc. It was noted that the software enable all sectors to be simultaneously engaged and have opportunity to work collaboratively to assess the resilience of various strategies against the multitude of scenarios being canvassed in the media.

WindTunneling participants were initially invited to pass judgment on the various media scenarios in terms of their impact on the Dairy Industry and the probability of the scenario occurring in the next five years (the life cycle of the current strategies). The responses of all the participants from all industry sectors were averaged and standard deviations calculated. This information was available immediately to all participants in terms of an annotated scatter-gram.

A representative group of the participants then selected a cross-section of the scenarios that had been assessed as the most significant or those on which there was greatest deviation. Participants were then invited to reflect, in turn, on how, from their experience, how each strategy would perform in each of the selected scenarios, recording their thoughts in the software’s Windtunneling matrix. The emergent strengths and weakness that were identified from the ‘rich future picture’ of the strategies formed the basis for a whole of industry collaboration to renew the strategies.

The outcome was a notable increase in the industry’s confidence in its strategies and an increased confidence by government and the community in the Dairy Industry’s attention to Climate Change issues. It was a win-win outcome.