Low Cost, In House Innovations

Case Stories are coded for quick reading

Blue: What Wasn’t Working
Black: Systemic Method
Red: Outcome

One of the world’s top one hundred banks had for many years used a suggestion box for its staff to initiate ideas about new products or services. Very few ideas were submitted and the process was generally seen as tokenism at best, and a sick joke at worst. As a result the bank was dependent on an expensive external consultation firm’s ‘Think Tank’ for its innovative program.

After hearing a presentation about a systemic technique for engaging in-house staff in generating radical innovations the CEO invited Future Insight Maps, working with bank staff, to lead the establishment of such an Innovation Center in the bank. The Center used a range of Future Insight Maps’ systemic techniques to provide an opportunity for staff at all levels and from all disciplines to mingle, share and emerge innovative ideas. These were not just incremental improvements but as they were described, “Marco Polo” opportunities. Further, staff engaged in generating an innovation had the opportunity to be part of the incubation and piloting of ideas, gaining recognition and remuneration if the innovation was implemented in the bank’s operations. Many industry leading innovations have been created by this low-cost alternative.