Dreams are Only a Staircase Away

Case Stories are coded for quick reading

Blue: What Wasn’t Working
Black: Systemic Method
Red: Outcome

The Peak Council of a national agricultural industry was frustrated by its inability to establish a developmental program that was acceptable to its diverse stakeholders, whose interest covered all activities from inside the farm gate to the consumers’ plates. Goals of where the industry wanted to be in the medium term had been agreed upon sometime ago but expert-generated pathways were continually rejected.

A FIM custom CM-TI-3H-I Systemic Approach was commissioned to identify a program that was owned and supported by all stakeholders. Workshops of diverse groups of stakeholders were held across the country. (Efforts were made to ensure the whole ‘chain’ of interests was engaged in each workshop.) FIM facilitated and coordinated the entire program, which engaged thousands of participants.

These workshops resulted in over 200 ideas of how the industry could transform itself toward the shared goals. The Transformation Ideas created in each workshop were posted, by their creators, onto a 3×3 grid. The grid had one axis depicting time and the other capacity (resources and competencies). When a composite grid of all the workshops was completed the council was able to identify a pathway to the goal. Each transformation activity enhanced the ability of the organization to achieve subsequent steps towards the goal. Together the transformation activities incorporated the needs of each of the industry’s stakeholders. Implementation with broad-based support commenced immediately.