Lead through Facilitating

Case Stories are coded for quick reading

Blue: What Wasn’t Working
Black: Systemic Method
Red: Outcome

One of the participants at a Systemic Seminar in Asia decided to introduce some of the techniques he had learned at the Seminar into his daily work. Mani’s work involved finding and implementing ways for the voices of ‘subsistence farmers’, agricultural workers, and other under-represented village groups, to be heard in the decision-making forums that controlled their lives and their opportunities.

Using the systemic technique of story-telling, he facilitated the construction of ‘grassroots rich pictures’ about many aspects of the lives of these previously unheard citizens. Immediately when a rich picture was completed its creators would set about identifying the emergent themes embedded in it and creating statements about how change could be achieved in each theme… changes that would enhance the quality and sustainability of their lives. These emergent statements flowed into maps.

Mani, using channels available to him, was able to communicate these change ideas-maps to both government officers and NGO officials who had the resources to take action. Some change programs were soon underway with others expected in the near future.

It is now election time in Mani’s country and to his surprise and delight the people whose voice he has been making heard have asked to him to stand for them at the election. When he asked why, he was informed that they wanted people in other villages to benefit from his empowering techniques and his willingness to listen to the voices he releases.