Critical Thinking for Business Instruction Workshop


Critical Thinking for Business Instruction

Monday-Wednesday, April 2-4, 2012


Regardless of your discipline within the business school curriculum, critical thinking skills can be directly taught while other content is learned. In fact, students benefit enormously when the thinking skills developed in finance are re-experienced and refined in marketing research or operations.

There is consensus that our students and employees need to develop Critical Thinking skills and approaches to the issues of our day.  What are those skills?  How can we redesign our curriculum or learning programs so that the participants will develop these subtle yet highly adaptive capacities?

All of us want to enhance our judgment, and we need to be able to think together in teams and talk about our thinking as it is emerging.  We need to learn how to coach each other, to communicate about our thinking, and to build our work to standards that take us far beyond where we thought we could go.  With the rapidly changing world, what we know is that it is thinking that will make the difference.

Workshop Design:

The workshop is designed to help participants identify a systemic approach to comprehensively improving the thinking that makes up a “Well Reasoned Judgment.”  What is the Question we’re trying to figure out?  What is the Opportunity we’re trying to decide if we should pursue?  How do we craft an effective Opportunity Statement that others will be able to understand and even support?  How does it needed to be tied to our Higher Purposes?  What are the Core Concepts?  What Assumptions are we making, and how sure are we about those that are significant?  These are a few of the Elements of Reasoning needed to make up a “Well Reasoned Judgment;” everything is learned experientially.  There is a rich and highly transferable set of skills and attitudes and communication strategies in the realm of Critical Thinking.

Each participant in the courses will work with his/her own curriculum designs, to enhance and retool them so that the students/staff will be able to learn the Critical Thinking skills within the discipline or topic that is being explored.

This workshop is taught by Jane Lorand, who has worked for three years as the Director of Research and Publications at the Center for Critical Thinking, collaborating with Richard Paul in 1991-94. She has taught, and consulted about, Critical Thinking for twenty years.  She has worked in professional development in organizations and has designed and taught the Critical Thinking for Business Redesign anchor course in the first accredited GreenMBA in the world.  She enjoys working with teachers and HR directors who want their students and staff to have the highest quality instruction available.


Monday-Wednesday, April 2-4, 2012


Rudolf Steiner College (9200 Fair Oaks Blvd., Fair Oaks, CA 95628)

Who is this for:

Business professors and deans of business schools


$1,700; 15% discount if paid before 3/1/12. Package includes beautiful co-housing and organic meals for three nights

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