Why College is So Hot: The Complexity of a Post-Secondary Education

It's becoming a hotter topic by the minute, or so it would seem if you're tracking the media in the way that I've been doing lately: to go or not to go to college--and why. We're preparing for our next community workshop series, which aims to look at complex social issues and address them using Critical and Systemic Thinking methods. For this one, we're rethinking college in our times. I've heard--and known--people who've pretty much done it all, indicating that the answer to this question is not so simple. The expectation of going to college is out there; we live in a society where having … [Read more...]

“Command and Control” Won’t Work Anymore

I  just finished watching Ken Burns’ series on World War II. It was illuminating and exhausting at the same time. It is available as a DVD set from our local Sacramento Library. What was significant, for me, was the need and justification of “command and control” thinking as we fought incredibly complex wars on both sides of the world. And what also was compelling was the massive waste and loss of lives and material....and how so much was obvious after-the-fact that was not obvious in the moment. … [Read more...]

A Lesson in Intellectual Humility

Photo taken by Leslie Loy

Welcome from a sunny winter California… The Center for Systemic Leadership is glowing with new participants and colleagues as we strive forward, focusing on our thinking so that we can build a better world. Leslie Loy, our fantastic Assistant Director is doing her magic. I’ve been working with a small technology start-up in wind energy, and I wanted to share a take-away lesson from this week’s Learning Narrative. How often we think we know what we think, and what others think! Suspending judgment and stopping, and suspecting misunderstanding (rather than outright wickedness), is a … [Read more...]