What is a Healthy Relationship to Money?

imagesofmoney (taxbrackets.org)

To live in the world today requires us to form a conscious connection to money.  Do we have money, or does money have us?  What role does money (or the lack of it) play in our imagination of our dignity in the society, or our security in the macro-economy? What is our family’s history and “story” about its relationship to money?  Does that story continue to unconsciously influence us?  What percentage of our waking consciousness is devoted to money or the lack of it….or how we use it to meet our needs and wants?  What pressures exist on our feeling life tied to money? … [Read more...]

Systemic Thinking an Essential Tool for Leading in a Complex World

Only a few years ago the term systemic was one that rarely occurred in news reports and only occasionally in technical and academic articles. Today it rolls off the tongue of President Obama and other world leaders at regular intervals as they reflect on world issues and the approach required to address them. The change has been brought about by the realization that thinking and working within narrow perceptions of the world has failed. We cannot make significant improvement in complex issues from a single worldview. Agencies working to address these complex problems need to meld multiple … [Read more...]

A Lesson in Intellectual Humility

Photo taken by Leslie Loy

Welcome from a sunny winter California… The Center for Systemic Leadership is glowing with new participants and colleagues as we strive forward, focusing on our thinking so that we can build a better world. Leslie Loy, our fantastic Assistant Director is doing her magic. I’ve been working with a small technology start-up in wind energy, and I wanted to share a take-away lesson from this week’s Learning Narrative. How often we think we know what we think, and what others think! Suspending judgment and stopping, and suspecting misunderstanding (rather than outright wickedness), is a … [Read more...]