What is a Healthy Relationship to Money?

To live in the world today requires us to form a conscious connection to money.  Do we have money, or does money have us?  What role does money (or the lack of it) play in our imagination of our dignity in the society, or our security in the macro-economy?

What is our family’s history and “story” about its relationship to money?  Does that story continue to unconsciously influence us?  What percentage of our waking consciousness is devoted to money or the lack of it….or how we use it to meet our needs and wants?  What pressures exist on our feeling life tied to money?

With the disruptions of the Global Financial Crisis, the experience of fear and uncertainty has permeated many who before felt “safe.”  Meaningful work and its relationship to money and finance is a chronic ache for many people of all ages, however, particularly for young adults.  How do we pursue a healthy relationship to money and all that it outwardly represents in our modern global economy?  How do we know if we are making progress?  In our communities, how do we create social forms that also have a healthy relationship to money?

In three evening workshops at the Rudolf Steiner College, Jane Lorand and Leslie Loy will facilitate systemic methods of collaboration and exploration of these questions.  We will be doing individual work and work in pairs.  We will be in Trios and small groups, using narrative and other holistic approaches to map out what we know and seek to know about the role of money in our lives.  We are not alone….we can use systemic approaches to find pathways forward that none of us might find alone.

If we are to be free individuals, taking up these questions can support us to gain clarity about what we do know, and identify clearly the questions that we want to pursue over the months and years ahead.  If we are adults with children, it is even more important to become as clear as possible, as we model for children our inner feelings and thoughts, as well as our outer actions relative to money and its healthy use.

Join us for three evening sessions:  6-9pm in the Teacher Education Room in Stegmann Hall at the Rudolf Steiner College February 2, 9 and 16, on three successive Thursday evenings.  The workshop fee is $150 for adults and $50 for teens. A partial deferral of the workshop fee is available upon advanced request. Click here to register.

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